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Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's Software Division is here to provide you with expert advice and services in deploying software solutions.

Our office, provides:

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation services
  • Training
  • Mentoring


Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's provides assistance from an initial day of consultancy through to a team of consultants working on a project-specific requirement.  We can integrate as part of your team or can provide the necessary resources to ensure that your project is delivered successfully.  Our skill-sets cover the whole of the software development lifecycle with particular emphasis on requirements.  We provide the expertise to ensure that your organisation is solving its business issues.

Implementation services

To ensure that your investment in your software is maximised, Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's provides experts who can work with your team to manage any implementation issues.  Our consultants will assist in providing the necessary skills to enable your team to integrate and deploy the products effectively.  Post implementation services can also be provided on request.


Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's provides a range of technical training courses that focus on key areas of the software development lifecycle. These courses can focus on a key part of the process or on a software product you may be deploying.  Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's can provide courses that are delivered by fully accredited technical consultants.  We can also tailor courses to meet your specific requirements.  As our consultants are practitioners, not just theorists, your training will cover real-life experience - not just what the manual says. Read more about our.


Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's consultants can also provide an element of skills transfer to an individual or team. This service is usually provided where a problem is identified and needs to be resolved.  The Waitpoint I.T. Consulting's consultant works closely with key members of your team to impart valuable knowledge whilst working on a project-specific problem or issue.

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